How To Burn Fat With Protein Shakes

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RichieJFAflleje says:

Yea glutton free!? Lol

juan brujo says:

my weight? its 235 do i need the protein???

FFFF844 says:

Ye. Your body gets? protein. :P

iPLAYwin says:

Is protein? shakes good for teens?

ad de says:


Fajar Anuar says:

They could benefit more from professional videographers and just SLOW down? haha… I get the spontaneous thing but I get tired by listening all that in one go!

Hector Mojica Jr says:

Protein shake that works for me I get from your If u guys? r interested let me know

I Believe In Stockton says:

Your logic suck men?

Corrup alkom says:

Kenamaz sup my friend c: look when? you finish your workout half an hour after is highly recommended the shake but when you digest the protein shake you need to eat your post workout meal, because food nutrients are more complex and slow releasing and very important for your muscular development :3

CHIO1524 says:

So what do I need to drink or eat to recover my muscles after runin or wny cardio bixouse I’m over weight I’m 180 female n? I waned to be on 135 I’m 30 y.old bicouse I hurt so bad the next day my muscles they are really week n I’m trying to lose weight first n then toning.plese plese need ur help

uneedmorepeople says:

There’s no protein in rice or oatmeal. Also all protein is measured to egg white protein. Egg white protein is the platinum of protein?

Kenamaz says:

Hey Jonny, I drink my Protein Shakes right after I finish my workout so I don’t need to eat a meal right after my protein shakes?? When should I eat my meal after I drink my protein shakes?

Arsalaan C says:

What do u think about IF and eating in a caloric deficit? to lose weight for TEENAGERS

nordicpink says:

Ur so funny.?

Laura Booth says:

@massglockguy I think if you are young that’s true but once you get older and especially if you are female and start to lose? muscle mass it takes more than that…its a science once you get older to maintain a fit body…lol….I like protein shakes for a quick fix sometimes as long as its low carb

yasmina k says:

well my father lost 40 lbs with a system of proteine shake and green juice etc ans never gained again so? protein shake can make you skinny

Sk Xand says:

just drink some regular skim milk and you are done.? protein shakes bloat you a lot .

massglockguy says:

IIFYM. track calories. Get enough protien carbs and? fats. Dont go over your daily amounts that you need. And u will loose weight.

massglockguy says:


Idris Mandhu says:

Mike chang said not to take? protien shakes on his channel

Laura Booth says:

I have success with low? Carb protein shakes mixed with unsweetened almond milk. Whey protein and sometimes I’ll throw in a tablespoon of ground flax seed….it makes it a little more filling and its still low in carbs

Laura Booth says:

This guy is super cute….I love watching him:-)?

danableslee says:

how many should? a woman have per day?

FatLossReport says:

nice video men…white meat (like turkey and chicken) is also good a protein source and please guys check for MFG in what ever you eat at? all..nice vid

Goodqualityreviews says:

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crayz1978 says:

are PB&J sandwiches good? source for protein?

FitBodyAddict says:

Well, I definitely need to increase my protein intake..protein shake sounds great.?

Westheadt90 says:

I don’t really agree with the number 3 when not to have a shake, I have Crohn’s disease, aswell as a hole in my? intestine which allows food etc to skip part of its journey an go straight to the bowel or whatever is next lol. An I wolf protein shakes allot, with success. But maybe that’s just me

Richard Holtom says:

When you eat protein up to 30% of it’s calories in the action of eating and digesting protein. When you eat Protein as you do digest it you will burn 4 calories per gram of protein… So you burn calories as you digest. It is? better if you add to it a complex carb that makes the protein harder to digest and so the benefit lasts longer.

Milad Salman says:

A protein shake has around 130-200 calories. Why you shouldnt drink it while overweight. You don’t simply need it. It’s enough if you workout and eat healthier. Overweight people lose fat ALOT easier than normally. ?

ShuriStr1 says:

just do IIFYM !@@@? spread the truth about flexible dieting.

crayz1978 says:

if you had a body like would you? wear a shirt?

Ahmet Mustafa says:

You don’t have to drink protein shakes to repair your muscles, albeit they are very convenient, but are not? needed. I recommend you stick to a high protein, complex carb diet. e.g. Chicken and brown rice. You can also have other meats such as Turkey, beef, Salmon etc.. Hope that helps :)

Mr15JWJMC says:

Men you talk allot? but dont say anything.

myghhf says:

cause a protein shake has a lot of calories. Dont avoid? proteins, just go ahead and eat them. Makes you feel less hungry and more effective fat burn since you take less calories in.

Erik Ek says:

Protein shakes are usually high in calories so if you´ve got a lot of gut and belly fat it can ruin your fatloss journey. I´d recomend you making a? shake with eggs and fruit in it to drink instead. But i´m not a trainer or nutritionist though so you might want to ask a trainer at your local gym for advice.

JMSoundsUK says:

do use protien shakes just get a brand with low? carbs fats and sugar

Chuck Norris says:

Drink your piss !?

Deciron69 says:

How To Wear A? Shirt

Audiology says:

Very educational on protein? shakes. Thanks!

chadwick0091 says:

Thanks,? Erik Estrada

Jatziri Alvarado says:

Oh btw I have started to cut down on the junk? food and started doing cardio :) 3 lbs in 8 days not bad :D don’t judge! lol

Jatziri Alvarado says:

Oh btw I have started to cut down on the junk food and started? doing cardio :) 3 lbs in 8 days not bad :D don’t judge! lol

Jatziri Alvarado says:

Somewhat confused like some other people here. I’m overweight and now ur saying not to drink them “o_0″? I thought protein shakes were a good meal replacement to lose weight…. Please clarify!! Thanks :/

killers963 says:


killers963 says:

I got mines at sams club, is that good??

danny olivares says:

this topic is not for me cause i’m a? vegan n proud of it:)

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